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I've been in Evansville for a little over a year now, luckily I've had the good fortune to have a a barber/stylist who was very great and I loved (side note, she did not work for Sports Clips). Let me first say that I love Sports Clips, I'm from the Terre Haute area and had been going there for a good 3 years before I moved. This location did not meet my expectations at all. Firstly was choosing my barber out of the plethora of one's available. I had the unfortunate luck to select "Step-mom", (yeah thats legit her name on the choose your stylist), for the reason that she was one of the only ones available for the time frame I was going to get to the shop. I arrived and the shop was a little bigger than Terre Hautes, which is to be expected. Was very clean, Sports were on per usual, no complaints there. I checked in and began my wait, took a little longer than expected and what I was informed but I care about my hair so I'm okay with waiting. "Step-mom", which turns out to be the store manager, comes to the counter and asks if I'm ready. We go and sit and I tell her what I wanted, I've had a faded faux hawk for awhile and need something a tad bit more professional than this so I ask for just a regular fade and and bald fade if possible. She says that's ok and asks if my previous stylist went over it with a box shaver, which she did, and I told her yes. She says its 5 dollars extra to use the box shaver (which at the end is labeled as extra hair design), which I don't understand why, and I agree to that. Up until this point I was having a good experience. It did NOT last long. She buzzed my scalp like she was the waiter grating cheese at olive garden for your salad, it was so rough I visibly winced at times. No only that, but she was not taking her time at all with it. The box shaver was even worse, it literally felt like I was being scalped. She wasn't much of a conversationalist, nor was I, but had the audacity to in the middle of my cut, start talking with another of her clients about what his hairstyle he was going to get. This along with the speed, uncare, and roughness just combined together to make me think that she didn't care about a potential new client and wanted to move on to an already established client. After that, everything was just bad about my experience, including the free upgrade to MVP for new customers. I couldn't allow myself to enjoy it because I was in such a disappointmented mood anyway. I care about my hair, I take very good care of it, and I really don't mind paying for quality. But between the quick time it took,( no longer than 20 minutes for the cut) the roughness of the cut (which I now have razor burn on the back of my head now), and the overall feeling that she didn't care about the quality of my haircut because she wanted to move on to an established customer, and it coming from a manager. I will not be going back and I will not recommend my friends and colleagues go here.

5 rating

Great service and haircut

5 rating

You'll see a lot of reviews for poor wait times, but that is what comes with extraordinary service. Regardless of my hairstylist, I am always satisfied with my cut. I am very particular about the style of my hair and often times change it up, but their ability to give consistently professional cuts is next to none. They are the only place in Evansville I trust wholeheartedly to cut and style my hair. Also, if wait times are an issue, the ability to check in online can really cut down on this. It works quite well and I use it frequently.

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Kenny S. | March 13, 2021 Overall Experience

"I've been in Evansville for a little over a year now, luckily I've had the good fortune to have a a "

Curtis I. | March 19, 2020 Overall Experience

"Great service and haircut"

Tyler M. | August 5, 2019 Overall Experience

"You'll see a lot of reviews for poor wait times, but that is what comes with extraordinary service. "

Dwayne B. | February 3, 2019 Overall Experience

"I arrived at 10 am Sunday and this place is packed and only 3 people working and outside smoking ,w"